What's "Minion Bling"?

Minion Bling are the cool buttons I give out to people. The majority feature the vampire smiley from my book covers, but some have sayings, such as "Vampires Suck". Bling is totally free. You can become the proud new owner of Minion Bling by either visiting me during one of my public events, or by mailing a 6x9 or smaller SASBE (self-addressed stamped bubble envelope) with at least $1.60 postage attached to:

Auntie Heather Brewer
12685 Dorsett Road #317
Maryland Heights, MO 63043

Dos and Don'ts of acquiring Minion Bling:

  1. You must send a SASBE with the required amount of postage. If you send a regular envelope or not enough affixed postage, you will not receive Bling.
  2. Your SASBE must be 6x9 or smaller. If not, I can't send you Bling.

How to fill out an SASBE:

  1. Get a 6x9 or smaller bubble envelope and address it to yourself, as if you were mailing that envelope to yourself.
  2. Affix at least $1.60 in postage stamps to this envelope, then put it to the side for a moment.
  3. Grab another large envelope (one the bubble envelope will fit inside of) and address it to me (address listed above). Affix enough postage to send it through the mail (if uncertain how much to attach, please consult your local post office).
  4. If desired, write a letter telling Auntie Heather how much you worship and adore her (she likes to hear such things) and insert that letter inside the larger envelope.
  5. Place the 6x9 bubble envelope inside the larger envelope and seal the larger envelope (DO NOT SEAL THE BUBBLE ENVELOPE).
  6. Mail it. Wait. Receive Bling. Easy, right?

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